Beyond “Fine Thanks” aims to help families navigate change and challenges, big and small, by:

  • being real about what they’re going through, expressing that and realising it’s okay;
  • accessing practical resources and advice, learning from those who have gone before; and
  • bringing everything to God, growing their relationship and reconnecting with Him. He is our sustainer, healer, provider and protector and ultimately our strength, help and healing come from Him.

There are three sections to the website:

  • REALITY – a blog where people can honestly share their testimonies and stories. This is a window into what is really going on beyond people’s “fine, thanks” and a chance to bless and help others by sharing something of your journey.
  • RESOURCES – a list of tried and tested websites, books, organisations and ideas that you can easily access when you, or someone you know, is struggling.
  • RECONNECT – when we’re going through a change or challenge it can be easy to talk about it, read about it, even pray about it without coming before God and allowing Him to give you what you need. Here you’ll find resources and ideas to help you deepen your relationship with God, whatever your life looks like at the moment.


About me

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Hi, I’m Anna. I’m the Families and 20s/30s Pastor at St Paul’s Church in St Albans. I’ve always worked with children and families and recently became a parent too. Beyond Fine Thanks is the culmination of my own struggles, honest friends sharing with me, a crazy dream and then some serious God-nudging to get it all together.