Here you’ll find resources and ideas to help you deepen your relationship with God, whatever your life looks like at the moment.

If you’ve not tried praying before, and maybe you’re unsure about church and God, try praying is a 7 day guide to help you give it a try.


The great thing about apps is you can have them on your phone and in those little moments of dead time like waiting in a queue or in an unexpected few moments of quiet and calm you can quickly and easily get yourself tuned in to God. Most of these I discovered trying to stay awake whilst breastfeeding in the early hours!

Prayer Mate

This app brings all your prayer points together – personal, local, global and organises them for you. I try to get in the habit of when I say to someone I’ll pray for them, adding them to the app, and similarly if I see something on the news that I want to pray about. Then whenever I get a moment to pray, with a few quick swipes there’s a reminder right there. Free on iOS and Android.

Word Live

This is my favourite Bible reading app, which unfortunately was withdrawn in August 2015. You can keep using it if you already have it or add WordLive to your home screen instead if not.

Are there others you’d recommend?